Who We Are

IMG_7586London Leather Men started out life as a motor cycle club in October 1973.

In those days a certain amount of discretion was often required to be a gay man and a so a group for gay leather men got together and created MSC London.

This was a social group for men who liked wearing leather to meet other like minded men and MSC London did also have the odd biker. Regular monthly meets were done at various venues over the years and other events have been organised, sometimes meeting up with other ECMC leather groups on weekend trips to other parts of the UK and Europe.

Recently the group renamed itself to London Leathermen (LLM).

As well as a social group, money has also been raised for mostly AIDs charities,  notably GMFA.

The internet has made meeting other men and weekend city breaks much easier and impacted the apparent usefulness of joining a group like LLM, but there is still a need for meeting people and a group is much more fun than being on your own with a phone, so LLM can continue to bring fun and friendship in the internet age of online hookups.